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Caregiving and Post-caregiving Experiences of Midlife and Older Gay Men and Lesbians

Doctoral Dissertation

Kristina Hash


School of Social Work

Virginia Commonwealth University





This dissertation has been divided up into individual documents for more efficient downloading.  These documents can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  To download this free program, go to  

Please email, or call Kris at (804) 266-5136, if you would like to have a CD-ROM copy of the entire dissertation document or if you are having difficulty downloading the online documents. 

Click on the links below to view individual sections of the dissertation.  An executive summary is also available and can be used for newsletters.



Introductory pages

(Signature page, Dedication, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents)




Chapter One: Introduction


Chapter Two: Literature Review


Chapter Three:  Methodology


Chapter Four: Findings


Chapter Five: Implications


Closing pages 

(References, Appendix, Vita)


Photo From Commencement (2001) of Kris and Ellen (Dissertation Chair) Click on thumbnail below to enlarge photo

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