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Guidelines for Submitting Papers


The paper should be double spaced and typed in a 12 point font (Times New Roman preferred)
There should be a 1-inch margin on the top, bottom, right, and left of every page
Page numbers should be included on the top, right corner of every page
The first line in every paragraph must be indented 5 to 7 spaces
Each paragraph must include more than one sentence but should not be longer than one page
References that are used must appear in both the body of the paper and in the reference list
A running head is not required

The paper must include:
A title page which includes your name, course title and assignment title
An introduction which introduces the paper and states its purpose
Headings that introduce each new topic
A conclusion that summarizes the contents of the paper
A reference list in APA reference style (see APA Publication Manual, 4th edition)

**Please keep a copy of your paper, as the instructor is not responsible for sole copies of student papers